What We Do

Sow Good

CityLights Farms plants metaphorical seeds by establishing our “farms” in underserved, low-income neighborhoods. We plant opportunities and give the community room to grow and thrive. These opportunities not only impact the communities we plant in but also those doing the planting. We provide employment opportunities to underserved populations who may struggle to find meaningful work and upwardly mobile career opportunities. These populations include those with developmental disabilities, formerly incarcerated citizens, and many more.

Grow Good

CityLights Farms plants literal seeds in our hydroponic containers in Jacksonville, FL which allows us to grow and distribute fresh produce locally. This decreases our footprint on the environment and minimizes the distance between our customers and a healthier option. Since CityLights Farms’ produce is grown locally, it replaces your usual chemically enhanced options for produce delivered fresh with no unnatural additives. In fact, at CityLights Farms we don’t use any chemicals at all, because we believe our clients deserve the healthiest and freshest produce possible.