About Us

A Seed of an Idea

CityLights Farms’ is the brainchild of committed social entrepreneurs and owners of EDC3, a successful broadline distribution entity based in Jacksonville, FL. EDC3 has had the honor of successfully serving public schools’ national lunch programs for several years. Throughout these years, the team noticed that the public schools’ ability to provide fresh, healthy produce at a low price per unit was limited.

How it Works

The elements involved in harvesting and transporting fresh crops from outside regions adds 20-50% to the per-unit costs. These costs overshadow the need for fresh produce and cause the produce served in schools to be substandard to what is typically available in suburban grocery stores. After noticing this and continuing to deal in produce buying and delivering over the years, EDC3 researched ways to right this wrong. Eventually, we found hydroponics and the rest is history (and the future of CityLights Farms).

Farmers Realized:
Statement from our Founders

We are both retired AT&T Senior executives. While we thrived in and enjoyed our corporate experiences, after retirement we found ourselves wanting to more in entrepreneurship and business investing. The responsibility and opportunity to demonstrate our faith and “walk the talk” felt necessary and achievable. To accomplish these necessary desires, we decided to invest our time, talent, and finances in ventures that have the potential to provide access and opportunities to underserved and overlooked communities. We’re thankful that CityLights Farms gives us that opportunity, and we’re excited to sow good, grow good.

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