Our Produce

CityLights Farms’ produce is grown locally in Jacksonville, FL. As a result, our produce is delivered fresh with high nutrient content, no unnatural additives, and no chemicals.

What We Do

CityLights Farms plants metaphorical seeds by establishing our “farms” in underserved, low-income neighborhoods. By planting literal seeds, we plant opportunities and give the community a chance to grow and thrive.

Our Customers

Our biggest consumers are large foodservice companies, regional and national distributors, and grocery store chains.

Why Choose Us

Most U.S. cities grow less than 2% of the food their populations consume. More than half of those with developmental disabilities and previous arrest records are unemployed in most urban areas. By growing produce hydroponically and hiring these forgotten workforces to cultivate it, CityLights Farms is tackling both food and job insecurity in Jacksonville, FL.


Our clients’ lives will improve in two substantial ways.

CityLights Farms healthy produce in Jacksonville, FL

1. Health

You will be able to bite into chemical-free produce measured in freshness and nutrient content. Yum!

CityLights Farms community impact in Jacksonville, FL

2. Community Impact

You will be able to impact members of the underserved communities that we hire from.